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Gr8 Steps:

This program is ideal for 6-8th graders. We focus on strengths and interests to drive the student toward areas which will increase their exposure. Your counselor will help assess classes and educational opportunities available to the student. There is test prep and academic support for areas that need support.

Male Teacher with Students
Program Features
  • Honors class selection

  • Summer enrichment including mentor

  • High school selection

  • Strengths assessment

  • Tutor prep

  • Resume building

  • PSAT prep

College Prep Program:

This program is ideal for 9-12th graders. We offer a full strengths, interests and goals assessment. Your counselor will then design an individualized action plan to highlight those strengths and demonstrate what makes you a unique applicant. This will increase the likelihood of acceptance to the student’s top choice colleges.

Girl in Classroom
Program Features
  • Strength Assessment

  • Course Selection

  • Test Prep

  • Extra curricular advisement

  • Summer enrichment

  • Essay builder

  • Resume builder

  • College Selection

  • Interview Prep

  • Mentor help

  • Application support

  • Plan to graduate on schedule

Non-traditional Students:

This program is best for those who have never attended or completed a college program, those who have taken time off after high school, working adults, international students or military service members. Our counselors will work with you to identify the best fit college available. In addition, we’ll create an individualized plan that best allows you to achieve your goals.

Student Portrait
Program Features
  • Identify colleges

  • Plan for return to college

  • Identify potential obstacles

  • College selection assistance for programs that fit into their schedule

  • Mentors

  • Academic refresher for general subject areas

  • Essay writing

  • Application assistance

  • Career Assistance

  • Resume building

Graduate Students:

This program is best for those who have completed their undergraduate degree and are looking to further their education in a specific area. Potential graduate programs may include M.D., J.D., Engineering, MBA and more. Our counselors will evaluate your academic record and help identify which universities and programs are a best fit.

Program Features
  • Identify obstacles

  • College selection

  • Essay writing

  • Application assistance

  • Mentors

  • Plan to graduate on schedule

  • Resume building

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