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Schools & Agency Partners


Host Family

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High School USA

The Wayfinder Education High School USA program allows you to have a unique cultural high school experience in the United States. You will have the opportunity to attend one of our hand-chosen partner schools that can help you pursue your academic ambitions. Our team will help you find a program that suits your interests and talents.


We collaborate closely with our partner schools, to support you through your journey. We maintain a local team member that is able to assist with the new experiences that you’ll have.  

Students on the High School USA program can pursue a diploma or non-degree granting experiences in the US. Our students will stay with a local family.

Homestay Only

 Have you already received acceptance to a US school? We can help find a host family that will support you to make the most of your US academic experience. We can provide a homestay only option for you, if you fit specific criteria. Please contact one of our team members to learn more and we will help find a host family that will support you though your US academic experience. 

Schools & Agency Partners

International Partners

Wayfinder Education is dedicated to the success of your student. Our hosts are safe and trained to help your student as they adjust to living in the United States. Each program has a local team member that is there to help them transition to their new environment and support them throughout their duration in the program. We strive to make sure that all of our students are successful. We want to find your student the best host.


We are able to accommodate students attending high schools, colleges and universities. 



Wayfinder Education is dedicated to developing and maintaining strong relationships with our partners. We understand our partner’s strategic goals and collaborate closely with them to enhance their international program initiatives.


We specifically choose partners that value their international programs and understand that our students will enrich their local communities. Our staff work closely with each program to create a wrap-around team to ensure that all the student’s needs are met. This will set the strongest foundation our students to achieve their academic ambitions.

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Host Family

Why open your home to an international student? Hosting an international student will provide you and your local community with the opportunity to share in someone else’s culture. The experience and understanding that comes with opening your home to another culture can provide invaluable insight and enrichment for both you and the student. By hosting an international student, there exists the opportunity to have a direct and lifelong international connection with someone from a different culture. 


You are never alone with Wayfinder Education. We provide a local support team member that will prepare and assist you and the student during the entire homestay process. In addition, you can earn extra income from a spare bedroom in your home. There is a stipend provided to offset the cost of helping an international student.

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