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About Us

Wayfinder Education is a wrap-around academic support service headquartered in Arroyo Grande, California. We are dedicated to easing and supporting the academic advancement process for domestic and international students. We ideally start as early as 6th grade to ensure a smooth transition throughout high school and into college to maximize the chance of our student’s acceptance into their preferred university and graduate programs.

We can coordinate all aspects of support throughout the process to maximize every aspect of the journey to academic success. We strive to make you the strongest applicant and ready for higher education.

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Ariel Edgerton

Wayfinder Education Founder


Founder Ariel Edgerton is a first-generation graduate, residing in Los Angeles. She attended the School of Finance High School in Manhattan, New York City where she graduated valedictorian. She followed with a full-ride to the prestigious college, Middlebury University.

After graduation, Ariel joined the Cambridge Institute in Massachusetts. Ariel quickly recognized her passion for high school and college education and through her own experience, recognized the need to help others to achieve their academic goals. From coursework selection, to summer planning, to preparing a college list, to writing college application essays, Ariel recognized how overwhelming it could be for others to get into the college of their dreams. 

Ariel designed a program to efficiently get domestic and international students into the program that they want. She found that the sooner that she is able to work with a student, the better outcome for the student. Ariel can start work with student’s as early as 7th grade to help get them into the college of their choice.


Ariel has developed relationships with hundreds of schools throughout the country. Ariel recognized that many school’s counselors have too many students to provide adequate guidance at the individual level. Often, private schools are able to provide more services but there continue to be huge gaps for families, especially before junior year of high school. Ariel recognized that nothing compares to the assistance of an individualized counselor. 

Ariel recognized that 1 to 1 counseling, video conferencing, webinars and seminars can help families alleviate the stress of college admission. At Wayfinder, there is a team working with every student to maximize their chances to get into college.

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