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Can you work with students from anywhere in the country?

Yes. Each year, we work with students across the country (and even around the world). Whether you are in California, Florida, Montana, or New York, we will meet with you one-on-one by Skype to guide you through each step of the admissions process.


Do you only help with Ivy League colleges?

No. We help with any college or university. My company’s name, The Ivy Dean, comes from my many years of admissions experience at schools in the Ivy League. We will help you to submit strong applications that maximize your chance of acceptance to any college of interest! To see The Ivy Dean’s past college success stories, click here.


Who will I be working with?

All students work directly with the college admissions experts, Drusilla Blackman and Chase Staub, who worked directly in Ivy League admissions at Harvard, UPenn, and Columbia. We are the fields leading experts, and you will never meet with other assistants or counselors!


What is your experience with college admissions?

We have worked directly in college admissions for over 40 years at colleges such as Harvard, Columbia and Penn. After reviewing thousands of applications and essays, we know what stands out in a competitive applicant pool! As the former Dean of Admissions at Harvard and Columbia, Dee Blackman made the final admissions decisions for thousands of students. You can learn more about our experience here.


If I am an average student, can you help me?

Of course! We help all students achieve their college goals. Even if you are a B student with average test scores, we will maximize the strength of your applications through your Positioning and essays to ensure you get accepted to the best possible college.


How are you different from other admission consultants?

Our consulting group is the only one run by a former Ivy League Dean of Admissions. As a former Ivy League admissions dean, Drusilla Blackman made the final decision about hundreds of thousands of applications. We am very familiar with all the factors that impact an admissions decision—many of which are unknown to other admissions staff members. These factors can make the difference between an acceptance or denial. With over 40 years of admissions experience, we provide accurate answers to your questions, eliminating the guesswork, so you can feel confident in your application.


What is your success rate?

We work closely with all of our students to develop a college list at which they can experience the greatest amount of success. We are proud to say that all of our past students have been accepted to one of their top-choice and best-fit colleges.


Is it too early (or too late) to start?

It is never too early (or too late) to start! Your ambition to succeed brought you to this page, and that makes this the perfect time to start working on your college strategy and/or applications. Our help—at any point in the process—can dramatically increase your

likeliness of acceptance. Whether you are an underclassman or senior, we have services just for you!


Do you work with middle school students?

Each year, we work with a few highly talented and ambitious middle school students. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at (845) 826-5310 or by completing this form.


How does the process work for seniors?

We remove the mystery from college admissions. We will work with you in a personal, customized manner. Immediately after you sign up, we will review all of your academic and extracurricular information with the same rigor that a selective college could. Drusilla Blackman will then create your unique Positioning to develop your college strategy. We will meet with you weekly to develop your essays, obtain strong letters of recommendation, complete your activity and honors lists, and prepare any supplemental materials. Furthermore, we will review all of your application materials from beginning to end before

you click submit!


How does the process work for underclassman?

Similar to seniors, we will closely evaluate your profile to determine your unique Positioning. We will then guide you step-by-step through the selection of courses, extracurriculars, and programs to support your strategy and maximize your chances of

acceptance to top colleges during your senior year. To learn more about the process for underclassman, click here.


What are your services?

You can learn more about our services by going to the underclassman and senior pages.


Do you help with essays?

Yes. Essays are the focus of The Ivy Dean’s approach. Many students applying to selective colleges have the grades and test scores to get accepted, so colleges rely on the essays to distinguish students. We will help you develop the topics and content for each of your essays, along with providing edits and revisions to improve their strength and increase your chances of acceptance.


How many students do you work with?

We only work with a small group of students at any given time. This ensures all students meet often and directly with us, the field’s leading college admissions experts. As space is limited, our calendar fills up quickly each year, so I recommend contacting us as soon as possible to guarantee your spot.


Do you have any testimonials?

Yes. Please go to the Success Page to review student testimonials and references. We are considered leading experts in the field—We share advice in features in the Huffington Post and have been interviewed at conferences and tutoring centers across the country. Students from around the world seek our services to ensure they have the best chance of getting accepted to a top, selective college.

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