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The College admission’s process is challenging and competitive. At Wayfinder, we use a custom designed whole-person approach toward the development of a college plan for your success. Feel confident with our counselors, who have over 20 years of experience helping families through the college academic and financial process. 

At Wayfinder, we identify our student’s strengths and needs to gain a competitive edge. Our team of dedicated counselors will work directly with you to collaboratively design a dream college plan that makes the process easy and fun. We will track your admission’s process to make sure you stay on track during the process.


The Wayfinder Education High School USA program allows you to have a unique cultural high school experience in the United States. You will have the opportunity to attend one of our hand-chosen partner schools that can help you pursue your academic ambitions. Our team will help you find a program that suits your interests and talents.


We collaborate closely with our partner schools, to support you through your journey. We maintain a local team member that is able to assist with the new experiences that you’ll have.  

Students on the High School USA program can pursue a diploma or non-degree granting experiences in the US. Our students will stay with a local family.


Male Teacher with Students

Gr8 Steps 


6-8th graders

Girl in Classroom

College Prep Program 


9th - 12th Graders 

Student Portrait

Non-Traditional Program

Student transferring from community colleges or multiple years from school. 


Graduate Program

Including law, medical and MBA graduate student program

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We have expert tutors, 1 on 1 meetings, personalized College Action Plans, assist in academic support, test score prep, financial aid and scholarship help. The initial consultation is free. Also provides assistance with graduate and MBA programs.



I had an amazing experience working with Wayfinder Education on my graduate school applications. From the start, Horace and Ariel were accommodating and personable. They were willing to work around my schedule and made me feel comfortable at each work session! They did a fantastic job of getting to know me on a personal level and helped me extrapolate a narrative of my life that both defined me and highlighted the important moments that colleges want to see! The best part was that they ensured that everything that I turned in was genuine and in my own words. Not only did I get into my graduate school of choice but I became a better writer. I felt that they taught me how to better organize my thoughts, increased my confidence, and improved my syntax. I will be able to take these lessons to succeed in graduate school, thanks to them. Wayfinder Education will guide you to where you want to go. Tell them your goals and they will develop a plan with you to make it happen.


-Cameron Urick

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